I know that we all love to introduce new foods to our babies. It’s so amazing as their little taste buds start to form, when they react to something besides milk or formula. The new tastes and textures are so exciting. In the beginning of this new step of eating, we are striving to give our child the best. We want them to grow and build a healthy immune system and practice healthy eating. Yet, what’s so sad is that if for some reason we are not able to give our newborns, infants and toddlers breast milk, then we are forced to serve them formula which I haven’t found any that didn’t have a form of sugar or corn syrup. I have made a friend who told me about a website that will give you a recipe to make your own formula. That’s great if you have time to make it. Sadly, most don’t.

So I guess what I’m trying to get at is, we have a rapid growing number of humans all over the world with so many health issues that probably  began with unhealthy or malnourished eating and it most likely began in the early years. Sugar doesn’t give any healthy benefits. In facts it has been proven it feeds cancer cells and so many other diseases and ilnesses. Yet many consume it each and everyday. This is a topic that will be very popular with me.